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ืืชืจ ื–ื” ืœื ืชื•ืžืš ื‘ื’ืจืกืื•ืช ื™ืฉื ื•ืช ืฉืœ ืื™ื ื˜ืจื ื˜ ืืงืกืคืœื•ืจืจ
ืžื•ืžืœืฅ ืœื”ืฉืชืžืฉ ื‘ื“ืคื“ืคืŸ ื’ื•ื’ืœ ื›ืจื•ื ืื• ืคื™ื™ืจืคื•ืงืก ืžื•ื–ื™ืœื”
(ืื• ื‘ืื™ื ื˜ืจื ื˜ ืืงืกืคืœื•ืจืจ / edge ืขื“ื›ื ื™)

Move in depth retreat

From: 30-09-2021 To: 02-10-2021

Place: Pnina Bamidbar , Tzofar Arava


Thursday 12:00 till Saturday 18:00


1980 Nis

We invite you to join us for Ashtanga yoga, handstands and free dive retreat in the Arava desert!
This retreat is a collaboration between three friends who love to move in the land and in the sea โ€ฆ. on their feet and on their hands ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ™Œ
We decided to join forces and share our three passions with you ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคธโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฟ
Three days of Ashtanga yoga, handstands, free dive, meditation, pranayama, Thai massage, amazing people, lots of peace and quiet, desert and water๐Ÿ™ƒ

Whatโ€™s included:
* Two yoga sessions and Thai massage workshop with Erica
* Three handstand workshops with Yuval
* Free dive theory and practice both in and out of water with Gil
* Ecstatic dance with Igal
* Beautiful high standard accommodation
* Super tasty vegetarian meals (made by a chef especially for us)

More info and registration by email:

Weโ€™ll be happy to meet youโ˜บ๏ธ

About us:

Erica Rintovich

My yoga journey started with Zipi Winner- B.K.S Iyengar closest student & certified teacher.
I was 11 years old.
After two years of practicing with Zipi I understood that yoga is an inseparable part of my life and I decided to go deeper.
I started my Vedanta studies & yoga practice at the Sivananda yoga center in Tel Aviv.
I was 13 years old.
I grew up in this center and after few years did my first Yoga Teacher Training program with the Sivananda yoga Vedanta school.

Along with my yoga studies I developed a professional career as an international ballet dancer (Madrid, Zurich, TLV).
My yoga practice supported me a lot in this field as well.

At the age of 16 I discovered Pilatesโ˜บ๏ธ
I did my Pilates Teacher Training & specialized in Pilates for rehabilitation.
I combine a lot of this knowledge in my yoga classes.

With the years I had the privilege to meet Sri Dharma Mittra and open up to a new, different & very dynamic practice.
I went through my second Yoga Teacher Training with him.

8 years ago my path came across with Ashtanga Yoga.
I had the privilege to meet a dear man, wonderful teacher, an inspiration for life- Shimon Ben Avi.
He was a direct student of Sri K Pattabhi Jois.
After doing my third Yoga Teacher Training with him I also was his assistant in the following Teacher Training programs.

In the last few years I was studying in KPJAYI- the central institute for Ashtanga yoga, founded by the late Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.
As for today I study and practice in SYC- The Ashtanga yoga center established by R. Sharath Jois in Mysore India, where I stay few months every year.
I give yoga retreats, workshops and Teacher trainings around the world.
Iโ€™ll be very happy to meet you:)

Yuval Oz

Although I only started my professional Handstand training at the age of 25, from a young age I loved to move.
As a kid, Going to trips, I could not just walk the trail, and my personal trip was mostly jumping between the rocks on the side of the road.
I did a bit of Gymnastics when I was 8 years old (for 2 years).
I took Ballet and Tai Chi classes when I was 12-13, and trained Kung Fu between the ages of 15-18.
Throughout this long period – I always sang and played.

In 2006 I closed the band I ran as a musician, moved to France to study Handstand privately with Master Claude Victoria.
In 2008 I returned to Israel and continued to train.
After that, I performed in various projects as a circus artist – with the Israeli Opera, the Cameri Theater and more.

In 2011 I moved to New York and founded a circus center there.
During 2011-2012 I performed as a Handstand artist throughout the US with various groups.
At that time I also started teaching handstands professionally.

In 2015, I founded "Bascula", an independent cultural center in Tel Aviv with a vision to promote the circus field in Israel.

At the same time, and in fact to this day, I Perform as a circus artist ( specializing in Hand Balancing) and teach handstands in Israel and around the world.

Gil Fox

Free Diving and Yoga instructor.
Studying and teaching breath, movement and the bond with our body and the world of water.
In the silent space between inhaling and exhaling we can dive to the depths of our mind, meeting ourselves intimately and accepting with love all what we meet.
Breathing is spontaneous, from the first moment of our lives to the last and when we focus our attention on it, that attention can become a powerful tool to accompany us, making our lives more peaceful and calm.

In the recent years I begun to learn how these elements are connected. Practicing Yoga made Diving deeper and Diving made Yoga deeper. I have found the combination of both to bring me inner balance and great happiness.

Igal Tartakovsky / DJ Beatfulness

Plays musical journeys from around the globe and deep into our souls
He's a regular in the Israeli Ecstatic Dance scenes and also plays in ED's around the world
Igal is also a mindfulness-based psycotherapist and co-founder of Safe Shore – Psychedelic Care



12:00 check in

Ashtanga primary + intermediate / Erica

Handstands – alignment and technique / Yuval

19:00 dinner

Free dive theory / Gil
Acquaintance with the world of free dive. Basic terminology, styles, apnea, breath and foundation for practice.

Ashtanga mala- primary, intermediate and advanced / Erica

10:30 Brunch

Free dive practice in the pool / Gil & Erica

Handstands – mounts & shapes / Yuval

19:30 Dinner

21:00- 23:00 Ecstatic dance / Igal

Handstands- sequencing / Yuval

10:30 Brunch

Free dive / Gil
O2 & CO2 tables – how to work with the app. Apnea walks.

Thai Yoga / Erica

17:00 Closing circle