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אתר זה לא תומך בגרסאות ישנות של אינטרנט אקספלורר
מומלץ להשתמש בדפדפן גוגל כרום או פיירפוקס מוזילה
(או באינטרנט אקספלורר / edge עדכני)

300 Hour one and a half months TTC

From: 04-09-2022 To: 29-10-2022

Place: Yoga-Home Bnei zion


One and a half month
In the studio:
Sunday to Wednesday: 12:00 - 18:00
Thursdays: 10:30-18:00
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30-10:00
Monday 9:00-10:30


12800 Nis

● My 200 course graduates are entitled to a 15% discount for course 300 (10900 instead of 12800)

One and a half intensive months Teacher Training Course.
Obtaining a yoga teacher 300 hour certificate acknowledged by Yoga Alliance.
The certificate is recognized in Israel and worldwide.

The course is suitable for yoga teachers who finished 200 hour studies and want to take their practice and teaching skills to the next advanced level and also for practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge of Yoga and adopt a healthy yogic lifestyle.

As part of the course I will give a retreat on the weekend of 28-29/10/22.

Criteria for admission to the course:
• Obtaining a 200 hour certificate acknowledged by Yoga Alliance
• Full introduction and practice of Ashtanga primary series
• Familiarity with the intermediate series – an advantage
• Interview and conversation with me (meeting or phone call)

Course fees can be paid in credit (up to 10 payments), or 5 checks, or cash.

Anyone interested in my teacher training course is invited to come for a free introductory class.

  • The study days will be divided between practical study and practice, and major topics to be divided by week.

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03/09/22 – 29/10/22, Sun’ to Thur’ everyday

12:30-13:30 Pranayama, meditation and chanting

13:30-15:30 Practice

15:30-16:00 Break

16:00-17:00 Methodology and movement research

17:00-18:00 Lecture